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sal.jpg (7511 bytes) Coming soon...............A film about the rise of teen idol Sal Mineo. Once one of the hottest stars in Hollywood, our story follows Sal's meteoric rise to the top then, through that  "Hollywood slump" that so many in Hollywood experienced. Sal however so eloquently fought his way through it and just as he was going to reemerge as a Hollywood heavyweight, his life was tragically cut short. As a reality and achievement of this film, Sal Mineo will receive his due recognition and star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, closing the final chapter of the "Forgotten Legend’s" life. saldru.jpg (10444 bytes)


Click here for Feb. 12, 2001 Press Release

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Latest News:

Jan 2007- Our production company is presently working on (pre-production) the film "Blood Pact" which is an exciting story about a crime family who double-cross each other over a hidden cache of money, discovered and long forgotten after a well publicized heist from many years ago

November 2008- Thank you all for your interest in our project. We're sure that you are all as excited as we are about seeing this great story come to fruition. Please be patient though as a project of this magnitude takes time to put together. We are still working diligently and things are on track. The one thing that we can't control right now is the time factor. Be assured though that our project is still very much alive and well!

We here at the Sal Mineo Movie Project wish to thank everyone who has contributed their time and efforts to the project thus far. We especially want to thank Sal's friends and family for sharing their most personal memories of Sal with us.

Production Information:

Working Title: "Mineo, A Forgotten Legend"

Production Company: Sal Mineo Movie Project, 8000 Wheatland Ave., Suite C, Sun Valley, California 91352

Executive Producer: Dale J. Oprandy

Co-Executive Producer: Joey Travolta

Director: Joey Travolta

Co-Producers: Mark Basil, Dan Goldman

Writers: Dale J. Oprandy, Mark Basil

Contact Information:

Address: Sal Mineo Movie Project, 8000 Wheatland Ave., Suite C, Sun Valley, California 91352


This site will be expanded and enhanced as the production moves forward.

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