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On February 12, 1976, actor Sal Mineo was murdered in the parking garage of his modest Holloway Drive apartment building in West Hollywood, California. Now, on the 25th anniversary of his death, producer Joey Travolta and executive producer and screenwriter Dale J. Oprandy, along with co-writers and co-producers Dan Goldman and Mark Basil have optioned the movie and television rights from the Sal Mineo Estate, executed by Tom Korman, Sal’s former agent, for what will be a theatrical film release of Mineo’s life story.

The screenplay, currently in development, will take a look back to the days when Sal Mineo was one of the hottest stars in Hollywood, and a time when Italian-American and ethnic actors were stereotyped. The plot will then transition into the part of Sal’s life when he fell into that ill-fated "Hollywood slump" and how he so eloquently fought his way through it. Striving to recapture the great success that he once achieved, Mineo had built a fascinating body of work which included over 30 films, countless television appearances, a Golden Globe award, an Emmy Award, a hit record album, and two Academy Award nominations. His phenomenal acting talent was essentially never forgotten. Mineo had been working on the play "PS Your Cat Is Dead" the night of his death. The play was to open the following week at the Westwood Playhouse in Hollywood, and was to be the performance that was going to place Mineo back on Hollywood’s "A" list .

Unfortunately, that never happened due to a seedy mugger, whose M.O. was to pose as a pizza delivery boy and mug his victims in the darkened side streets of the garish neon flickering off of the Sunset Strip. Mineo tried to fight him off, which unfortunately resulted in his murder. Rumors and lies began to spread through the press as to the identity and motive of an unknown assailant, who was seen by a few witnesses running away from the scene that night. The Mineo murder investigation led by Sheriff’s homicide detectives Eddie Pia and Dan Tankersley took almost two years to solve.

Oprandy began his research with retired detective Dan Tankersley, who was able to open the murder case up for the development of the screenplay. Fortunately, Tankersley, being the last of the homicide investigators alive, was able to consult with Oprandy on the portion of the Mineo story which dealt with the murder investigation timeline before Detective Tankersley died in November 2000.

As a reality and achievement of this film, Sal Mineo will receive his due recognition and star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, closing the final chapter of the "Forgotten Legend’s" life.

Dale Oprandy and Joey Travolta hope to gather as much information as possible regarding Sal Mineo’s life. Any information from the entertainment industry will be greatly appreciated. Contact Sal Mineo Movie Project, 8000 Wheatland Ave., Suite C, Sun Valley, California 91352 or on the internet at E-mail address: