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From "Dino" in 1957 (Sal's brother Michael is behind Sal on the left)

Also from "Dino" with Brian Keith & Susan Kohner

Promo shot for his album around 1957


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From "Tonka" in 1958

With Gene Krupa in 1959

Publicity shot in around 1959


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From "Escape from Zahrain" in 1961 Sal Mineo and James Darren with two fans on the set of "the Gene Krupa Story" in 1959 With co-star from "The Name of the Game" in 1971


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Sal with June Harding from "A Song Called Revenge" in 1969 Sal with the crew of "The Gene Krupa Story" in 1959 Sal with Paul Newman from "Somebody Up There Likes Me" in 1956